American Canoe Association

The ACA Water Trails Database is the most complete directory available, featuring almost all of the water trails in the United States. Use this link to obtain more information about the trails in your state, or in the state where you are planning your next paddling trip.

The value of this directory goes beyond simply offering a comprehensive listing. We use this tool to assist groups in establishing their own water trails, helping to not only increase waterway access, but to protect important environmental resources.

American Rivers & Blue Trails Guide

The Blue Trails Guide by American Rivers provides step-by-step instructions for developing thriving blue trails, the water equivalent to hiking trails, in your community.

To have a successful blue trail you need to have a healthy river, which is why this guide focuses on river conservation. You will find practical advice on planning, building, and managing for conservation and case studies from experts across the country.

This online guide will help your community protect and restore your rivers and landscapes through recreation.

American Trails

American Trails is the only national, nonprofit organization working on behalf of all trail interests, including hiking, bicycling, mountain biking, horseback riding, water trails, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, trail motorcycling, ATVs, snowmobiling and four-wheeling. American Trails members want to create and protect America’s network of interconnected trails.

We support local, regional, and long-distance trails and greenways, whether they be in backcountry, rural or urban areas. Our goal is to support America’s trails by finding common ground and promoting cooperation among all trail interests. Since our formation in 1988 we’ve been involved in everything from training trails advocates to increasing accessible trail opportunities for persons with disabilities.

Chesapeake Bay Gateways & Water Trails Network & Water Trail Toolkit

Establishing a water trail seems like an obvious and natural thing to do to foster interest in the Chesapeake Bay and its tributaries. It takes a lot of hard work, determination, and dedication to create and maintain a water trail.

To help you, the Chesapeake Bay Gateways Network provides these step-by-step guidelines—the ABCs of planning, building, and managing a water trail. Each of the three sections has a brief opening page and a list of links that examine the subjects in greater detail. The additional resources include supporting background information.

Rivers, Trails & Conservation Assistance Program & Community Toolbox

The National Park Service Rivers, Trails and Conservation Assistance program is always exploring new ways to help communities work together to improve their special places. There is no magic; there are simply some tried and true methods we have learned from the communities where we work. These have become the tools of our trade. Together they form our ToolBox for public participation.

National Recreation Trails

Many water trails in PA are designated as National recreation trails.  National recreation trails recognize existing trails that connect people to local resources and improve their quality of life. Applications are based on diverse partnerships, and more than 1050 trails have already been designated on federal, state, local, and privately owned land throughout the country. Benefits of NRT designation include access to technical assistance from NRT program partners and funding opportunities, as well as inclusion in the online NRT database.