Signage is an important part of developing a water trail.  There are a lot of different kinds of signage that you can consider as part of your water trail project.  Each sign serves the purpose of providing different kinds of information to water trail users.  Following are some of the types of signage to consider:

  • 1. Site Identification/Boat Access Identification
  • 2. River Oriented Site Identification
  • 3. Water Trail Map/Orientation & Safety Signage
  • 4. Bulletin Boards/Kiosks
  • 5. Campsite Identification Signage
  • 6. Interpretive Panels
  • 7. Bridge Identification
  • 8. Wayfinding Signage

There are a lot of resources that are available to assist you in developing water trail signage.  A good overview is available at the Blue Trails Guide (published by American Rivers): Create Blue Trail Signs (there are a lot of project examples and case studies provided).

In Pennsylvania we have several examples of water trail signs that you use as examples or for inspiration.

Water Trail Signage Plans

Delaware River Water Trail Sign Plan prepared by the Delaware River Greenway Partnership

Clarion River Access Improvements and Sign Plan

Water Trail Signage Examples

Orientation & Safety Signage

Susquehanna River Water Trail Orientation & Safety Signage – Informational Brochure

Juniata River Water Trail Orientation & Safety Signage Example

Campsite Signage

Water Trail Campsite Signage The larger sign (shown on top) is installed in a place where it will be seen from the water to identify where boaters should pull over to access the campsite.  The two smaller signs (shown in the middle and on the bottom) are installed at the campsite.  Following are some photos of signs that were fabricated and installed.










Susquehanna River Water Trail – North Branch Campsite Sign Example

Interpretive Panels

Juniata River Water Trail Interpretive Panel Example

Susquehanna River Water Trail – Lower Section Interpretive Panel Example