The PA Fish & Boat Commission just amended various boating regulations.  One important regulation included a new regulation about life jackets.

As part of the regulation changes approved today, boaters will be required,
beginning Nov. 1, 2012, to wear life jackets on boats less than 16 feet in
length and on canoes and kayaks during the cold weather months from Nov. 1
through April 30. The change is intended to protect boaters from the dangers of
coldwater shock if they fall into the water.

“While boating accidents are more frequent during the traditional summer
season, the risk of an accident being fatal is significantly higher when the air
and water temperatures are colder in late fall through spring,” said Laurel
Anders, director of the Bureau of Boating and Access. “Over the last 15 years,
cold-water incidents represented only eight percent of boating-related
accidents, but resulted in 24 percent of the fatalities.”

The release about all of the amendments is available here.

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